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*nix Thread, how to copy folder using putty in Technical; Dear All I am having some serious issues copying a folder onto a linux web server running Gentoo Linux. We ...
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    how to copy folder using putty

    Dear All

    I am having some serious issues copying a folder onto a linux web server running Gentoo Linux.

    We dont have access to root user due to security issues. So an account was created for us where we had to use a private key file to authenticate (ppk)

    As far as I know the username we had created has full write access to directories but it comes with an error in winscp saying

    error code 3: Permission denied. request code: 14

    At the moment I cant get through to our linux guy but desperatly need to copy some files across. I know the private key is correct.

    As I dont know linux very well. We do use something called webmin which is accessed through a browser. That seems to have some features but because I don't know what to press I dont want to start pressing things that I dont understand.

    Can anyone help how I could get some file across either using Winscp, putty or webmin?

    thank you

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    Did you try the command line version (pscp)?

    IIRC the command will be

    pscp -R directoryname user@server:pathtoputfilesin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric_ View Post
    pscp -R directoryname user@server:pathtoputfilesin
    If the server has been set up to accept logins via keys only, you'll need to tell the command line utility which identity file to use:

    pscp -i myIDFile.ppk -R directoryname user@server:pathtoputfilesin
    David Hicks

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