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*nix Thread, RedHat Vs SuSE (or any other distro!) in Technical; .... but mainly these two which would you prefer to run? i know most solutions use RH, but I prefer ...
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    RedHat Vs SuSE (or any other distro!)

    .... but mainly these two

    which would you prefer to run?

    i know most solutions use RH, but I prefer SuSE (9.3 at moment)

    Curious to hear what you lot think... and what the pros/cons are on each side..

    one immediate Pro (IMHO) for SuSE is YaST - excellent for managing everything, and easy to use too.
    Then there is SaX for configuring X

    Con - they tend to re-write config file such as Apache2 - its a bloody mess now with all the includes and not very clear about which settings are meant to go where!!

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    Re: RedHat Vs SuSE (or any other distro!)

    I mostly use SuSE or Ubuntu for desktops and Centos (RHEL) or Debian for servers.

    I know what you mean about SuSE, and I miss apt/yum.

    I guess my Ideal system would have kde, yum, YasT, DirectX....

    if only

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    Re: RedHat Vs SuSE (or any other distro!)

    RH (actually FC these days) for exactly the reason that you favour SuSE (ie YaST). I ran SuSE 8.0 for a year and amongst my gripes were :
    1 lack of fundamental modules. Take the Gimp for example; gimp-devel is not loaded by default, making compiling gimp plugins impossible. It seemed that everytime I wanted to load some new software, I had to load 47 dependencies, something that I hadn't had to do with RH.
    2 nonsense dependancies. I favour xcdroast over k3b, so I removed k3b from the SuSE system. Whenever I added new software, k3b came back. Another specific example was kbear - why run an ftp client if you aren't doing some ftp work?
    3 YaST - complete waste of time IMO. I remember I wanted to change the modem dial string. YaST had no way to change anything, so I wound up with two modems. Everytime I wanted to change something with YaST, I found it quicker to delete config and set it up again.

    The aforementioned SuSE system was originally running RH7.1 and we upgraded to SuSE 8.0. After a year, we went back to RH7.1 as it was a far superior distro. We then upgraded the box to FC3 and I'm guessing FC5 will be the next upgrade.

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