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*nix Thread, Ubuntu Server -Desktop overhead in Technical; Just been setting up Ubunto to install Zimbra as an email server. Long story is that I first installed server ...
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    Ubuntu Server -Desktop overhead

    Just been setting up Ubunto to install Zimbra as an email server. Long story is that I first installed server but couldnt find my way around so installed the desktop gui after help on here. I finally managed to install Zimbra and get it working but now wondering how much of an overhead the Desktop is as the PC is not high spec (cant remember CPU but it has 256Mb) and it is on the slow side. Would it improve if I could remove the desktop gui and if so how as I have a laptop now with Ubunto on to play with or..should I just install server again and reinstall Zimbra now that I have done it once :-)
    I have another 256Mb somewhere I'm sure so that will be going in after half term. I only really need it to teach email to some Y3's so it won't be getting alot of hammer. Advice as always welcome

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    Compared to basic web-based email interfaces such as Horde/Squirrelmail etc, Zimbra is heavy-weight on resources (no thanks to Java) and would benefit from as much RAM as possible, so cutting out anything that isn't essential will be a step in the right direction.

    For the purposes you mention, it sounds like you could gain from not installing and using the optional services such as Spell checker, anti-virus, logging etc.

    With those in mind.. it wouldn't hurt to re-install Ubuntu Server and Zimbra again, but without X and without the non-essential services.

    There's also an entry in the Zimbra wiki which could help: Performance Tuning which is sub-titled "including tips for running on less powerful hardware".

    Hope that helps.

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    You can change the run level and the GUI will not load.

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