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*nix Thread, PPTP VPN and Censornet in Technical; Has anyone got a definitive way to get PPTP VPN clients working through Censornet... The annoying part is I had ...
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    PPTP VPN and Censornet

    Has anyone got a definitive way to get PPTP VPN clients working through Censornet...

    The annoying part is I had this working perfectly at one point, but after having to do an emergency replacement of my Censornet server it just times out.

    From what I remember "Allow Web & Other" from the workstation menu didn't actually do a very good job of the "other" part and I had to tweak the rules manually in nano. I've dug up all the posts I can find on the (now read only) CN forum and found the part about allowing GRE, but I'm sure I had to get something else going for this to work...

    The config is network <> CN box <> ADSL router, the router has VPN pass through enabled and 1723 pointed at the CN box...

    Anything from anyone who has it working and could compare notes would be brilliant...

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    I have an example of how to let traffic through on a certain port for a certain ip address if thats any good. You could probably change it to suit.

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    It may be a pptp helper issue - what does "lsmod | grep pptp" say on the console?

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