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*nix Thread, Anyone Taken the LPIC Exams? in Technical; Just brushing up, have exam 1 in a couple of months. I hate Linux, hate hate hate it, but I'm ...
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    Anyone Taken the LPIC Exams?

    Just brushing up, have exam 1 in a couple of months. I hate Linux, hate hate hate it, but I'm getting to the point now where I know more things that come up than I don't know. Still really green with 'real world' Linux use, but at least see the potential (in the bloody-minded gui rejection that goes on in this closed-door nerd club OS mumble mutter grumble.) Figured a long while back that if the job requires more grounding in Linux I may as well have a shiny cert to show for it too!

    Anyone taken these exams before? How was it? What (if any) training did you use? I've previously used a website-based freebie subscription thing (don't remember the site) as well as YouTube and my boss who was practically breastfed on Linux.

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    Never sat exams to be honest, I've learnt by doing and by doing on Desktop for a few years. I used Arch Linux so as to get used to patching
    In terms of training, CBT nuggets stuff is good but not cheap
    LPI Linux LPIC-1 101 and CompTIA Linux+ Video Training Online | CBT Nuggets

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    Looking at taking it very soon, I want to get RedHat certified.. the closest I ever came to being Linux certified is my old Novell Certs.

    Hopefully will be LInux Pro certed in the next 2 years, I admin Linux servers on a daily basis. Makes sense really. Although, I've been working with Linux for many years in various different scenarios from web hosting, email and general file servers and even at one point a full 150 client network with Authentication through 389. I do ask my self whether I need be to be certified as this is the second job that I've introduced Linux to the environment, and I've never been asked even when supporting Linux servers whether I'm certified.

    Linux does have its place, especially if your trying to save on costs and have a bit of experience, really you need to go through as much material online as you can, learn how to install Linux to start off with go simple and use something like CentOS or Ubuntu, learn things like how to use the 'man' command and how to update the OS for latest patches and upgrades, Debian based systems such as Ubuntu use a command such as 'sudo apt-get update'.

    First of all, learn how Linux works, how the file-system is laid out and how the OS uses it, learn about how the security works such as in RedHat you have IPTables and SELinux. Which you'll learn to love.

    I have a dropbox folder with every Linux training manual known to man, as I use to teach Linux courses, complete with a Linux challenge... which gets people to learn how the OS works and how to configure so that you can use it in a file server environment running Samba. With no GUI of course. all command line.

    For simplicity I recommend trying something like CentOS... Thats my preferred Linux Distro anyway. Centos is RedHat based.
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