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*nix Thread, Uploading dreamweaver site to ubuntu fails permissions in Technical; Hi All, We are trying to upload a dreamweaver site to an ubuntu box but failing! We use a user ...
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    Uploading dreamweaver site to ubuntu fails permissions

    Hi All,
    We are trying to upload a dreamweaver site to an ubuntu box but failing!

    We use a user whop is a member of the www-data group but we still get premission denied after the pages have been uploaded. If we then change the pag owber to www-data:www-data the page then works?

    Can anyone let em know where we are going wrong?


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    What file permissions are on the uploaded files or the directory of which you're trying to upload to?

    If you have terminal access, go to the www directory and run ls -la this should list the file permissions, owner and group of the directories and files.
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    I bet the permissions aren't matching
    As mk13r suggests, compare the results of ls -l on the two directories to see if there are permissions problems. Check for unresolved names (i.e. large numbers instead of names of owner and group).

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