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*nix Thread, OS X Library Folders causing D State processes in Technical; Not sure if this should be put here or under the Mac section but We have some macs on our ...
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    OS X Library Folders causing D State processes

    Not sure if this should be put here or under the Mac section but

    We have some macs on our network joined to AD when they were joined to AD we unticked the option of force local home directories so that when a user logs in it loads up their Network Area so they can access their documents etc. However this also means that their library folders are stored in their home areas. We find that sometimes a load of smbd processes end up in D state. When running lsof -p <process ID> we find that it will list open files which include either open files / folder under the Library folder. The large amount of D state processes then means the load shots through the roof.

    example :
    lsof -p 25437
    smbd    25437 foxj011   12r   DIR              252,9     3896 161372052 /mount/msa1-enc2-fs1/documents/intake10/foxj011/Library/Containers/com.apple.ShareKitHelper/Data/Library/Application Support
    This happens with various users and different times, we have been unable to see a trend or have an idea of whats causing it e.g a mac not logging off properly

    You then can't get into this folder using CD / LS on terminal or by accessing it through explorer

    The only way to then get rid of these is to then restart the file host

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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