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*nix Thread, Setting up an RTMP server using nginx in Technical; Hi all, This one may seem like a straight forward answer to a lot of you, but I am an ...
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    Setting up an RTMP server using nginx

    Hi all,

    This one may seem like a straight forward answer to a lot of you, but I am an apprentice so bare with me!

    We currently run Xibo around school to display a powerpoint presentation, a stream of a TV channel (Usually music for the kids) and a basic overlay. However we seem to have a lot of issues with Xibo and powerpoint crashing out. A quick restart of the software usually gets it back up and running but its a pain having to do this nearly every day. So the big boss man has set me away looking at alternatives to use, DigitalSignage was the next option but the software seems overly complicated for what we want to do. I had a think about how else we could do it, I have a lot of experience in software such as Open Broadcast Software and xSplit, Usually used for livestreaming to sites like Justin.tv but they do have the option to stream to an RMTP server.

    I followed the steps through on This Guide using a VM running Ubuntu 12.04. However when I try to stream to it using OBS, I get a time out message.

    I can navigate to the RTMP server on the browser and it tells me that NGinx is installed and running, so why can't I stream to it? Any help on this one is much appreciated (as normal!)

    Cheers guys
    - Matt
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