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*nix Thread, Problems with USB bluetooth dongle and BT Keyboard in Technical; Hi all, I'm trying to make work a bluetooth keyboard in a system with kubuntu 13.10 x64 and a USB ...
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    Angry Problems with USB bluetooth dongle and BT Keyboard

    Hi all, I'm trying to make work a bluetooth keyboard in a system with kubuntu 13.10 x64 and a USB Bluetooth dongle.

    I've some problems:

    FIRST PROBLEM: Dongle not detected when restart.

    If I plug the USB dongle when computer is on and ubuntu has boot, its recognized; but most times when I restart or shutdown/boot computer when dongle is connected, it's not recognized and I have to unplug and plug it again. It's really annoying, I've been a long time looking for information and I found many people with the problem but I find not a solution.

    SECOND PROBLEM: Having to navigate to menu and select "connect"

    The first time I want to configure keyboard I use the usual way: Put keyboard on search mode and connect it entering the numerical key on keyboard. Then it's linked with computer and works like a charm. The problem comes again when I restart... then, once detected que dongle, keyboard does'n work on system start, I have to go to bluetooth menu, go to que keyboard and select "connect" (of course, I need to have a non bluetooth mouse to do this).

    Even when I go to the menu and select Keyboard model-->Connect, it works only if in this moment when computer search it, I disconnect and re-connect the keyboard with the on/off button.

    To sum up:
    Once configured the keyboard, on every start I have to unplug/plug USB dongle, then using other mouse device go and select "connect", and then unplug/plug keyboard.

    I want the keyboard to work on every system boot automatically, am I asking for an impossible thing?

    Many thanks in advance

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    you can inspect the output of 'dmesg' to see if the bluetooth device is being detected correctly. If it isn't then there's a driver module issue at fault (it would be useful to know what bluetooth stack/hardware modules are in use). If it is then it's a hci issue. You can debug this further with 'hcidump'.

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