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*nix Thread, Oh, learned friends!! SSH Chroot annoyance.... in Technical; I'll skip the rant.... I'm running a secure ftp server, open ssh version 5. I'm trying to chroot the users ...
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    Oh, learned friends!! SSH Chroot annoyance....

    I'll skip the rant....

    I'm running a secure ftp server, open ssh version 5.
    I'm trying to chroot the users belonging to sftpusers group (completed successfully).
    However, what is of annoyance to me is that any users connecting now cannot write to the directory in which they are jailed!!
    If i change the permissions on the directory to allow this, the server rejects the connection for security reasons.
    I need an sftp server that will chroot the users and allow them to write to their respective directories....

    In short.. HELP!!! (please )

    Anyone have any tips?

    Thanks in advance.



    Scrap that, sussed it. However any files I try to upload seem to fail at exactly 56832000 bytes.... cannot find this set limit anywhere..... any ideas?
    I've set a 100Mb limit in limits.conf for the concerned usergroup, still nothing...
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    so thats 6 meg then ?

    Have you tried connecting to the server and transferring over SFTP ?

    I am confused slightly, you said your running an FTP server.. if your using SSH on Linux you don't nee to run an SSH server to be able to file transfer. Just connect using Filezilla or WinSCP over port 22 and transfer files.

    As far as I can recall, ive never come across anything to do with file upload limits with SFTP on Redhat based systems. Have you tried restarting the service ?

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