I was wondering if anyone has come across a solution to this. I'm in the process of moving back to Linux so my 3TB external drive thing (Buffalo Raid Station - USB 3 - very nice actually!) is still NTFS formatted. Well, I say still, I can't actually move the 2.5TB of data anywhere else to reformat it.

Anywho, any VMs under Linux run from NTFS massively slow down. I'm talking 15 minute boot times, CPU temps up in the 90s. I've tried a fix VMware recommends about disabling write caching in the *.vmx file on NTFS, but that doesn't work.

I'd hoped VMware Workstation 10 would sort this, but after upgrading my installation and the VM - no dice.

Obviously I can run it from an Ext4 drive. I have a 250GB SSD, and a 256GB spinner but I'd have to make sure I kept a back up on my NTFS drive for when I go back into Windows (and the NTFS drive is mirrored).

Any ideas?

VirtualBox doesn't seem to have this problem, but as I've paid for VMware - and let's be honest it is better, especially with graphics - I'd prefer to use it.