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*nix Thread, CoreOS - A Chrome OS-based Server OS in Technical; Nowhere near ready for production use yet, but looks very promising. Website : CoreOS (via HN / Wired ) With ...
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    CoreOS - A Chrome OS-based Server OS

    Nowhere near ready for production use yet, but looks very promising.

    Website: CoreOS (via HN / Wired)

    With CoreOS, all applications sit inside "containers" — little bubbles of software code that include everything an application needs to run. These containers then latch onto the main OS through the simplest of interfaces. That means you can easily move applications from OS to OS and from machine to machine — much as you move shipping containers from boat to boat and train to train — but it also means you can easily update the OS without disturbing the applications. “The way we're able to consistently update the OS — and be nimble — is to make sure we have a consistent way of running applications,” Polvi says.
    The project is based on Google’s ChromeOS, the new-age laptop operating system that automatically updates itself every few weeks, but unlike ChromeOS, it can run more than just your personal machine. It can run every web service you ever visit, no matter how big. And it will let the companies that run those services evolve their online operations much more quickly — and cheaply — than they can with traditional server software.

    “We've borrowed a lot of concepts from the browser world,” Polvi explains, “and applied them to servers.”

    You can think of CoreOS as a new substrate for the internet. Web giants such as Google and Amazon and big Wall Street financial outfits, including the NASDAQ stock exchange, have built similar server operating systems for their own use, but with CoreOS — an open source software project — Polvi’s startup is creating something anyone can use. “We’re building Google’s infrastructure for everyone else,” he says. In doing so, Polvi and his team hope this OS can more rapidly fill the security holes that plague our computer servers, while speeding the evolution of the software applications that run atop them. (Source)

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    May look into this.

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