Evening All

So, sat here and decided to have a look at my own setup for a change (normally the one thing that get's left out because I prefer to earn money from clients than work on my own thing).

Anywho, I have the usual Ubuntu box sat in my office here running various things, from management software for client websites, through my media server, and it's the media server part I'm looking at. I run MiniDLNA at the moment to serve the various computers in the house and our 2 SMART TV's, but I'm just wondering what others use / recommend for an Ubuntu set up. The box is oldish (Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz, 2 cores) but does the job rather well for now, but I don't want anything too system hogging, but I'd like something I can essentially leave and forget, other than copying data into it.

The problem I'm finding with MiniDLNA is that whilst it works and does it's job, it doesn't really seem to take notice of new media added to it, meaning a manual refresh of databases and what not.

So go on, recommend me a UPnP server for Ubuntu, I don't want to be paying for it as I know there are good free/opensource ones, so nothing like TVMobli with it's monthly limits to stream my own media unless I pay them lots of pennies, not that I'm adverse to paying, but MiniDLNA works, so I'm not going to start paying for the odd annoyance of restarting the database - heck, I could Cron that .. lol ..

Andy T