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*nix Thread, Recommend some decent dead tree/eBook Linux books for a tech in Technical; I've already got a copy of O'Reilly's Running Linux in the office, but it's 4th edition and 5th isn't much ...
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    Recommend some decent dead tree/eBook Linux books for a tech

    I've already got a copy of O'Reilly's Running Linux in the office, but it's 4th edition and 5th isn't much more recent and recommended Daniel Barrett's Linux Pocket Guide (2012), but I'm also after something a bit more recent and in-depth. Project-based without being too basic would be good.

    We're running predominantly Ubuntu and a bit of Centos inhouse, so something that starts off on Ubuntu with desktop and then moves up to server build/deploy/administer would be fine, so long as it flags up "other distros may do it differently".

    My target audience is willing and able, but hasn't really poked around with Linux beyond a bit logging in and shifting files around via SSH.

    So what have you or your PFY bought recently that's good?

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    My most used Linux resource is the Redhat (Centos/Scientific Linux) Documentation:


    This isn't anything to do with linux but is a very useful read for integration considerations: The Official Samba 3.5.x HOWTO and Reference Guide

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    Linux Journal Archive 1994-2012 on DVD. ~ $40.00 USD

    All the back issues, searchable. NOT a textbook, but rather an exploratory journey in a series of bite-sized pieces. Issues focussed on System Admin, Programming, Security, etc. I've been doing Unix a long time, and have done Linux since Slackware, and I still gain nuggets of wisdom from it (I keep in on a USB key with me, and I'm making it a goal to read every article in every issue eventually. Something to do over lunch every day.)

    Because the truth is, *nix is so big, few of us even have the time to explore all the corners of it, and so there's always something new to learn. Sometimes even in the articles I thought I'd have no interest in.


    Oh, and if you like the archive, consider subscribing to keep up with the newer stuff.

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