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*nix Thread, whos running nix on their main desktop? in Technical; Originally Posted by JaSauders ...... ... I've also stopped tinkering with elementary OS as some of its 'design limitations' felt ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaSauders View Post
    I've also stopped tinkering with elementary OS as some of its 'design limitations' felt a bit hindersome to me. My wife and mother still use elementary OS and love it, but I've decided to give Ubuntu another clean and clear shot with 13.10, and so far I've found myself thoroughly enjoying it. Once I got in the groove with how Unity works, it really showed me how nice of an interface it is and how efficient you can get things done. Granted, this is just my perspective though, everybody's mileage varies.

    For me, Linux has always been the key component that ties everything I do together. The particular distro and desktop environment is often up for question, but so far, Ubuntu and Ubuntu based derivatives have always been a top choice. I'm pretty okay with that.
    I echo this. I keep coming back to Ubuntu and Unity. I also find that Unity is a superb interface, it's a launcher and docker in one. I've tied my middle mouse button to the workspace switcher so a middle click shows a nice expose of virtual desktops, then right-click to zoom into the desktop I want. This is really handy when working on multiple projects (which is all the time).
    I've tried all sorts of DEs, from the Flux/Openbox type to Gnome3 and KDE, but I find Unity the most efficient interface. Gnome 3 came close, but I had to install Docky to get what I wanted. The permanently hidden app bar was a pain, too. But that's just my opinion. For me, Unity simply hits the sweet spot in terms of efficiency, speed and design.

    I use 12.04 LTS in work, and 13.10 at home (after running the Fixbuntu script - the online lenses spun me out).
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    I've used Linux from the early days when there were only Debian, Redhat, and Slackware and their early derivatives. Mandrake was my favourite distro back in the late 90s for ease of use. For the past 5 years though, I've pretty much stuck to Ubuntu, which I think is the best all around mainstream distro that's come down the pipe. I've toyed with other distros, but I keep coming back to Ubuntu and Ubuntu or Debian are all that I use for my servers (minimal VM with no GUI that is) with the exception of one SUSE server that I didn't have much choice about.

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    I've been using it for years, but as of recent I've been stuck on Arch (Antergos Specifically). Once you go rolling-release it's hard to go back.

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