Nice little challenge for the weekend

I use Redo backup as my main desktop imaging solution nowadays as its VERY simple, needs NO server configuring setup (images just held on shared folder or portable hard drive)

It would be nice to have a pre-configured CD for each school/unique image that automatically (as much as possible anyway) fills in the right server adddress/login details/image folder/name etc so that all I have do is stick it in and click on restore and then go.

(I get bored having to type in serverip/foldername/username and selecting the folder for that type of machine )

Anyway, the question is is it possible to mount image on windows machine, edit some scripts within the image and re-burn the image?

(prob not practical)

If not, same question for doing it within Linux - if so how do I mount an image so I can edit its contents and then resave it?


PS Awaits the flood of, why don't you use clonezilla/fog/W2k15 etc answers