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*nix Thread, Any MythTv Users? in Technical; Anyone using Myth? Been with it for just under 3 years, On my 5th System now. 1) Old P4 in ...
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    Any MythTv Users?

    Anyone using Myth?

    Been with it for just under 3 years,

    On my 5th System now.

    1) Old P4 in Massive Anatec Case, with single tuner.
    2) Acer veriton USSF PC, AMD64 , mini-pci tuner Blew up
    3) Dell SX280 usff , USB tuner, P4 ate power! Blew GPU
    4) Acer T180 PC Dual Tuner Card. Lasted about 18 months till christmas ( think mobo or PSU fault )
    5) 2nd Acer T180 PC Dual Tuner Card.

    Yesterday had MythMote working for the first time since Upgading to V25
    Got mythfrontend working on laptop agian after 2 years LOL..
    Got mythfrontend working on Android

    I have had fun with myth over the last 3 years, it's gr8 for what it is even though there are a few bugs.

    It plays my MP3's from my VortexBox back end.

    It's currently writing a TV recording to a Menued DVD for my farther in law.

    Mythshutdown set's the PC to wake up ready for a recording.

    All in all, not bad for free on old hardware.


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    I used it for a good few years. I must admit I spent more time tinkering than watching tv.

    I'm using mediaportal at the moment and are so tempted to go back to Myth. Don't really use the TV recording function as I've got Sky HD now.

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