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IT News Thread, Google To Retire iGoogle in Other News; Link: STARTME.COM - Your own personal startpage | iGoogle Alternative Create a personal startpage with your most important bookmarks and ...
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    Link: STARTME.COM - Your own personal startpage | iGoogle Alternative

    Create a personal startpage with your most important bookmarks and RSS feeds.

    Easy to use, reliable and completely (ad) free.

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    I realised that the only reason I used iGoogle these days was because it was prettier than plain Google - I got a random mountain photo in the background from the theme. You couldn't pay me to use Bing, though.

    So I've made an HTML page to save locally and set as a home page, with JavaScript to load a random background image:
    Save the file into a folder on your local machine and take the .txt extension off (I've only added that to let me upload here). Save a bunch of images alongside it, named 1.jpg, 2.jpg,...102.jpg (however high you go) - I'd recommend grabbing some photos from InterfaceLIFT: Wallpaper sorted by Date that match your monitor resolution.
    Edit the value of numImg on line 40 to match the number of images you have in the folder.

    You can add as many search fields as you please, Google and Wikipedia seemed reasonable defaults, and there's a thesaurus.com field commented out in the code. The Google field has focus as soon as you open the page.

    The JavaScript is set up for FireFox, if you use a different browser you'll have to tweak some of the JS (e.g. .textContent to .innerText).

    If you do use FireFox, you might want to use Tab Mix Plus to load the page as a New Tab Page - don't set it to use Home Page when it loads new tabs, as the focus JS doesn't work and you can't start yer Googlin' straight off. Give it the address as a New Tab Page and tick Focus Content When Loading Non-Blank Page and it works fine.

    You can browse through your images with the controls bottom right, or click on the number to skip straight to another - useful if you're checking how certain images work (I've had to flip some horizontally to make the search bars more readable, or stop them covering the interesting part of a photo).
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    Those of you using ustart.org may have had issues loading our RSS feed, I have fixed the issue now, the hosting they are on is on a bad ip address range list.

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