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IT News Thread, The Gooseberry - A faster alternative to the Raspberry Pi in Other News; ...
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    The Gooseberry - A faster alternative to the Raspberry Pi

    If you find the Raspberry Pi is too slow, the Gooseberry looks like it could be a good alternative. It will cost £40 and is essentially a tablet motherboard but without any of the other tablet bits (screen, case, battery, etc.). Are there any EduGeek's planning on getting one?

    Homepage / FAQ / Store

    What is the Gooseberry Board?
    The Gooseberry Board is a small sized tablet PCBA computer which can be connected to a TV and/or an LVDS display. Based on a newer ARM architecture, the board can run a multitude of different programs and OSs, most notably Android ICS and Ubuntu. These are currently the only two OSs compatible with the board but many more can be expected to be supported soon such as Arch Linux. In terms of performance, the boards cpu, an AllWinner A10 1.0Ghz SoC, is roughly 3x more powerful than the SOC shipped with the Pi. A Mali 400 GPU is also shipped with the board which is expected to have open source driver support in the near future (see http://limadriver.org/).

    ^ The Gooseberry is the board on the left.
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