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Website (via TechCrunch)

The idea behind Kytephone is simple. It addresses parentsí growing concerns over the access that these mobile computers (a.k.a smartphones) offer children. Kids can surf the web, download apps, text and call anyone, snap photos and send them around to friends (or strangers) and more. But on the other hand, equipping kids with a phone is often seen as a must for reasons related to convenience and safety. Thatís where Kytephone comes in. By locking down the phone, the app allows parents to give kids a smartphone for all the good reasons, without the negative consequences.

The application is built for Android because of the deep integration possibilities that the Android platform offers. Once installed and launched, the mobile app canít be shut down by kids, even if they switch off the phone and remove the battery. The same level of control isnít available on iPhone, unfortunately. But integration isnít the only reason why Kytephone launched on Android, co-founder and CEO Renat Gataullin tells me, thereís also the cost. Android phones are often found at lower price points than the iPhone, so they make sense for kidsí first smartphones.