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IT News Thread, Windows XP Patch is broken! in Other News; ...
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    Windows XP Patch is broken!

    I have seen some posts on here about how there seems to be problems with the latest batch of XP patches, but now it is official: Windows XP update fails, asks for repeated .NET patch installs ? The Register

    Microsoft has issued guidance on how to fix problems created by its last bunch of patches.
    Redmond's patches for May brought pain to Windows XP users who have installed the .NET framework.

    The problem seems to involve updates KB2633880, KB2518864 and KB2572073. Each download the updates and installs them, but then insists on downloading them again.

    A post to this Microsoft Answers thread, says the bug affected a user as follows:
    'My PC says they installed successfully but as soon as I complete the installation they are back on my task bar waiting to be installed again.'
    Microsoft's guidance on how to address the issue can be found here and is dated as last having been reviewed on May 18th.
    But Register readers who wrote to us on May 22 report that Microsoft's help desk service has told them “'We are getting lot of calls about this... We are waiting for a fix...'.
    And the thread we linked to above also has exasperated posts after May 18th.
    Microsoft has not, at the time of writing, issued an official advisory we can detect. We've asked Microsoft for comment and will update the story again when we learn more. ®

    All credit to The Register for this article.

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    Well, they need to create demand for Windows 8 somehow...


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