Microsoft kills Windows Live brand ? The Register

Microsoft is killing its Windows Live brand ahead of launching Windows 8, citing "customer confusion".
In a mercifully short Windows 8 blog Microsoft said it’s ripping the meaningless umbrella from a bunch of online services.

Windows Live covers Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger and is the prefix to its Web 2.0 me-too properties Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker, and Windows Live Mail.

Windows 8 is the catalyst for this change. In some self-justifying meeting somewhere deep inside Redmond it seems to have been decided calling something “Windows Live” implied the internet was an imperfect bolt-on "experience".
Great. I've just got used to recommending the Windows Live Suite to everyone who has not already installed it and I'll now look foolish when it rolls off the tongue before the new name.
*Sigh* I remember when it was all fields around here etc....