It seems like the legal tennis is still ongoing: BBC News - Digital Economy Act's anti-piracy measures are delayed

The controversial piracy law, the Digital Economy Act, has again been delayed, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has confirmed.
The measures, such as letters to suspected illegal downloaders and potential disconnection, will not be enforced until at least 2014.

Since being passed at the end of the Labour administration in 2010, action has stalled due to legal challenges.
The delay was welcomed by the Internet Service Providers' Association (Ispa).

Under the Act, letters sent out to apparent illegal file-sharers would offer advice on how to prevent such illegal activity.
Serious repeat offenders risk facing measures that limit, or even cut off, internet connection.
ISPs have criticised aspects of the Act, suggesting it would unfairly force them to police user behaviour on the internet.
They have a point. Trying to stop file sharing is like trying to stop a leaky bucket by adding more water and I suspect that the ISP are afraid that should they not be able to stop illegal file sharing then they may be held responsible. I wonder what percentage of torrent files are 'legitimate' traffic and how many are copyrighted materials?