One less reason to buy a PlayBook.

RIM is removing the ability to sideload apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook in a future update of the OS, meaning owners will have to download and install software through BlackBerry App World. The move was announced on Twitter by the company's VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, who said he was "pretty sure" there would be a solution for developers who need to test their apps. Saunders said the reason was to prevent piracy, citing figures from an unknown source saying that over a quarter of Android apps are downloaded illegally, and calling Google Play a "chaotic cesspool."

While BlackBerry App World doesn't have anywhere near the volume of apps that Android enjoys, it's apparently more profitable, and Saunders claims that there are developers who refuse to work with RIM until sideloading support is removed. Until the company has a solid, modern smartphone platform to build on, however, we're not sure the change will amount to much. (Source)