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IT News Thread, DfE - Technology Policy Unit scrapped? in Other News; Just seen the headline article over at MerlinJohnOnline Is DfE's ICT love-in over? Technology Policy Unit axed So ... is ...
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    DfE - Technology Policy Unit scrapped?

    Just seen the headline article over at MerlinJohnOnline
    Is DfE's ICT love-in over? Technology Policy Unit axed

    So ... is this the final nail in the coffin for tech or if this is linked in with the amalgamation with STEM does it just mean the curriculum focus is changing?

    And so where do schools stand on infrastructure, collaboration, etc? Simply follow the OGC / BuyingSolutions route or everyone for themselves?

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    It's every school for themselves it seems... like it is with everything else now. The government seems hell bent on removing anything of any collaborative use.

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    ::sheesh:: Do we have to absolutely everything now? Well I'm older than most of you so I'm appointing myself Tsar for Wonderful IT and my introductory policy is:

    1) All future policy will be evidence-based from non-commercial sources.

    2) The maximum executive toy to SLT ratio is 0:1

    3) The maximum pupil to server ratio is 100:1

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