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IT News Thread, Germans set new data transfer record in Other News; The German Deutche Telecon has claimed a reliable method of sending data at a rate of 400Gbps over its fibre ...
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    Germans set new data transfer record

    The German Deutche Telecon has claimed a reliable method of sending data at a rate of 400Gbps over its fibre optic network. The article her on the BBC: BBC News - Deutsche Telekom claims record data transfer record says they have sent to over a single channel of their fibre network. As each single fibre can carry 48 channels this could be jaw dropping and this quote from the article puts it into perspective a bit better:

    Each optical fibre is thinner than a human hair but can carry a total of 48 channels - making the total potential throughput up to 24.6Tbps (terabits per second) - or the equivalent of 3,696 CDs per second.
    If this all works out, can you say 'yee haw'!.
    *Mind you, we'd probably only see it 5 years down the line, if we're lucky. And connected to a fibre network.

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    "We" wouldn't see it anyway - it'd only be used carrier backbone (from other parts of the article) - so BT/Virgin's main fibre runs between the huge exchanges (if they decide to bother)... although, possibly used in JANET backbone done the line, which would improve overall capacity. I wonder if there's a max length on this - does the signal need repeating over certain distances, and if so, does the signal need to be read, error checked and then repackaged before retransmission. If not, would be a very good way to boost capacity across some of the major oceanic links, reducing bandwidth costs (which may in turn bring broadband costs down, and possibly reduce contention).

    Now, when are we going to start the Edugeek ISP?

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