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IT News Thread, Is Your Firefox Genuine? in Other News; Until I saw this article I guess I hadn't really considered the possibility that anyone would want to issue versions ...
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    Is Your Firefox Genuine?

    Until I saw this article I guess I hadn't really considered the possibility that anyone would want to issue versions of freely distributed software like FireFox. I mean why would they want to?


    Do you have a genuine version of Firefox installed? Did it install a bunch of malware alongside your browser? Is Microsoft allowing this to sabotage your first impression of Firefox?
    Full article here: Is Your Firefox Genuine? Phishing at its Phinest! - 404 Tech Support

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    To be fair - even searching in FF3.6 using google as default search has
    Download Firefox
    as first sponsered hit and that doesn't look too great either

    Mind you, as a true geek, my mind automatically rejects sponsered links so it wouldn't catch any of us out


    PS quote from article
    I hoped to be able to contact Microsoft to have them pull the ad, but they are closed on Saturdays.

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    It's not the only free software that gets this treament - Paint.NET has been ripped off so frequently in the past that the author took the decision to yank the MIT open source licence and no longer publishes source code. It's now published under a Creative Common licence, so it's still free to use, but modification is no longer allowed.
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