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IT News Thread, Microsoft goes shopping and buys DesktopStandard in Other News; Microsoft acquires DesktopStandard . What future for the free version of PolicyMaker Registry Extension one wonders....
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    Microsoft goes shopping and buys DesktopStandard

    Microsoft acquires DesktopStandard. What future for the free version of PolicyMaker Registry Extension one wonders.

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    Re: Microsoft goes shopping and buys DesktopStandard

    Just stumbled over this site (looking for something else) and haven't got a clue if it's been remarked on before, but www.arctech.co.uk say:

    In October, 2006, Microsoft acquired DesktopStandard with a view to incorporating PolicyMaker into their Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack. PolicyMaker has continued to be available through its traditional channels although this will change on 28/09/07.

    If you have taken Microsoft Software Assurance, then MDOP (details here) will be available for an annual subscription.

    As the MDOP pack is only available to Microsoft Software Assurance customers, Arc is offering a unique opportunity to purchase PolicyMaker Standard Edition or Share Manager as a standalone product.

    This offer will only be available from Arc Technology until 28/09/07.

    PolicyMaker SE - £7.00
    PolicyMaker SM - £3.50
    Doesn't say, but I assume that's per seat?

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