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IT News Thread, E-bullying campagn in Other News; We tried Securus & Policy Central Policy Central was far superior and easy for others to monitor. To manage Securus ...
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    Re: E-bullying campagn

    We tried Securus & Policy Central
    Policy Central was far superior and easy for others to monitor. To manage Securus you had to log in as Administrator - that's right, not a member of the Admin group but the actual domain administrator. I disabled him a long time ago following reccomeded security guidelines and when I spoke to Securas about that they didn't seem to understand me or be flexible enough to consider changing it.

    Basically they work by having different libraries of words e.g. one for bullying, one for racism, one for swear words, etc. It will monitor everything on the screen not just internet stuff. On our 2 week trial we came up with numerous issues including one girl writing a letter in MS Word saying she was going to run away from home.

    It looked really great but is £5000 + 1000 a year for support/upgrades (cost is £15 a PC I think). Policy central is supplied by Forensic Software. We spoke to Colin Dean (colind@forensicsoftware.co.uk)

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    Re: E-bullying campagn

    @Thom, there must be a unique problem at your school with securus. But don't worry, we have had unique problems too. We have purchased securus and have been runnung it for about a year now. I don't need to log on as the domain administrator to run it, although I am a member of the Domain admin group.

    Securus has been great for us. We have picked up bullying by email, printing off of offensive documents in word, Porn viewing on t'internet, etc. There is a lot of time involved though. I'd say if I where to look at 100% of all logs, it would take up around an hour a day or maybe more, and we are a small school - 500 pupils. But you do get to know which phrases to look out for, and you can filter out those which you feel will never pick up missuse.

    As has been mentioned though, securus obviously will not monitor any abuse on home PCs. If an abusive email is picked up in school, fine, but not from home pc to home pc.

    And as to how to stop abusive mobile phone calls and texts, I would like to see any solutions as to how we can monitor those. In fact, you are really relient on the victim speaking up as said in the news article.

    All in all though, I agree with what has been said that you can't rely on a survey of less than 100 pupils and apply that to the whole country. Maybe we should conduct our own personal surveys of the whole school and act according to what we find at a local level?

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