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IT News Thread, NGfL Folds in Other News; Just go this in my in-box. Welcome to the National Grid for Learning newsletter for April 2006 Important notice NGfL ...
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    NGfL Folds

    Just go this in my in-box.

    Welcome to the National Grid for Learning newsletter for April 2006

    Important notice
    NGfL site resources move home in website revamp

    This is the final newsletter from the team at the National Grid for

    As part of an ongoing review of services for schools, over the next few
    months the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
    (Becta) will reduce the number of different online services and brands
    it provides for schools.

    Becta will still continue to offer the same range of advice and services
    - channelled into fewer websites. The site rationalisation is the result
    of a strategic review, following transfer of Curriculum Online to Becta.
    The aim is to make it quicker and easier for its users to get the
    advice, support and services they need online.

    To support this process, from 13 April 2006 the National Grid for
    Learning (NGfL) brand will no longer exist and the portal will no longer
    be available.

    However, the search service that provides access to quality assured
    resources will continue and will be available from the Becta Schools

    The other elements of the NGfL portal will undergo a closure. This
    includes the news, features and School Website Directory. Further
    improvements to the search services are planned over the coming months.

    Users will not need to unsubscribe from this newsletter.

    Staff on the NGfL would like to thank all those who have registered with
    the site - including teachers, parents, adult learners, children,
    librarians and local education authorities - to use the many resources.
    We have appreciated the enthusiastic participation in all the online
    features, as well as the contribution of all our 'My favourites' authors
    who have shared their insights.

    We also want to express our thanks to everyone who has contributed to
    the site in myriad ways over the years, supplying information, technical
    help, words, images, ideas and, above all, inspiration.
    Great, now we won't be able to find any info if Becta is hosting it!!

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    Re: NGfL Folds

    So I am not the only one who can not work out the Becta site then!

    It's funny to think that an organisation who is in the business of communication and education can not implement an easy to use website or word any of their docementation in plain english!

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    Re: NGfL Folds

    Google site search to the rescue !:

    site:becta.org.uk searchphrase

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