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IT News Thread, School accused of causing bullying through its iPad scheme in Other News; Originally Posted by mrbios They used to be a fad item that everyone wanted because they were the new shiny ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbios View Post
    They used to be a fad item that everyone wanted because they were the new shiny teaching tools, iPads are that new fad, and i look forward to that fad dropping off so tablets in general can be implemented by IT departments based on what works best NOT bought by senior management teams because they want to impress parents.
    They don't always impress parents, trust me 😊

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    All kicked off here at the local primary school, similar story, if they need them the school should buy them, they are not cheap things to buy I don't think and if I was a parent I would not be happy doing so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshall_IT View Post
    They don't always impress parents, trust me ��
    As evidenced by the existence of this thread

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    Every school is different. A school needs to have a very strong case, with departments committed to using them to really push through with it to make them make an impact.

    I think where is doesn't work is where schools hear of an impact being made and buy them hoping it will rub off, and will staff jumping on the shiny idea fail expecting just their presence to achieve it.
    When other issues are considered, the training, facilitating charging, saving work, managing work, repairs and damage etc etc, it can become a time mismanaged chore.

    I think their needs to be some sort of assessment, maybe as part of ofsted, where schools who do opt in to such things are evaluated and the data made available to see how effective/ineffective they really have been. I think if have to show significant progress under this extra scrutiny, schools will pay more attention to fully understanding the costs involved.
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