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IT News Thread, Amazon launches cut-price Dropbox competitor in Other News; ...
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    Amazon launches cut-price Dropbox competitor

    Amazon launches cut-price Dropbox competitor Zocalo, takes a page from Microsoft’s monopolistic playbook | ExtremeTech

    Which school will be the first to sign up? I've had a quick look, but you need an Amazon Web Services account to sign up, and since I don't have one, or indeed want one, I didn't get very far.

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    Google Drive is even cheaper

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    Copy.com is free. 15Gb to start with plus an extra 5Gb for each referral you get I'm currently on 110Gb!

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    That looks interesting might have to try the 30 day trail for home use. Now that Virgin online backup is no longer free I need to find a good backup system that syncs select folders for my home PC.
    Anyone know which backup systems are worthwhile and which to avoid?

    EDIT: It almost sounds like you can only sync 1 folder? If that's the case its a bit limited. All the text is along the lines of "You can also add files to Amazon Zocalo by moving them into the folder you have configured to sync" not folders. I wanted to sync both my documents and desktop.
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