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IT News Thread, Google debuts Classroom, an education platform for teacher-student communication in Other News; Originally Posted by Roberto So it's a rubbish (in the sense that it's lacking in features) VLE then? It is ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roberto View Post
    So it's a rubbish (in the sense that it's lacking in features) VLE then?
    It is very basic - but that will tick boxes for people who want a simple, familiar platform.

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    My one concern in recommending it is that while I can see the attractiveness at the low end, there's nowhere to go when you outgrow it, whereas platforms like Blackboard and Moodle can be whatever you want them to be. In fairness, if it's aimed at primary schools and the like, I'll freely admit I've got no idea what happens at that end of the market, so I don't know how realistic a threat 'outgrowing' the product as it stands is.

    It will be interesting to see if Google develop it further or let it languish... in my experience people who are hit by a complex product on day one can be overwhelmed and scared off... but equally people who are hit with a simple product that encourages them to get to grips with it can often end up wanting more.

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    I think there's quite a lot you can do with it, if you get your hands dirty. For example, quizzes are easy in Google forms, which can be attached to an assignment. Classroom really tidies up addons like Doctopus and Goobric, giving them a clean and simple UI. Because it's all based around Drive, it's extensible via further addons. I also think it's a fair bet Google will develop this further as education is where they're making inroads with Chromebooks and where all their future customers are now. On a different note, I could see Classroom, Hangouts and Drive working nicely for distance learning, not just the schools market.

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    This looks pretty interesting, and as others have said, the extensible nature of the G-Apps platforms gives lots of potential

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    We just spent thousands on custom moodle and now the head of IT wants to use this, what a muppet.

    I wouldn't trust this until it's been around a few years I just don't trust Google not to pull it

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    Google Classroom is now available.


  7. Thanks to Arthur from:

    fiza (13th August 2014)

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    Just waiting for it to activate for our domain. Its there in the Admin Console but only in name.

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    Had a play with this and got one member of staff using it - seems fairly straightforward to use.
    I like the way it creates a classroom folder and a subfolder for each class in google drive for teacher and student..
    We are using the class code to get students to enrol in a class as I have not got all classes synced from sims at the moment.
    Although you can only use announcements and assignments there is a lot of potential as you can attach and link to other resources.
    Is anybody else using it yet and what do you think?

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    We just started having a look at this. For sharing google docs with your classes, it looks great. Just takes all of the manual process out of the teachers' hands. The Assignment "Turn In" is a nice feature too. Not sure if it will replace our Moodle, but it's definitely something we're going to trial with a few groups.

    One thing that is lacking is being able to share classes/courses between teachers in a department. If you could have more than one teacher assigned to a course, that would be very beneficial to us. We tried to hack around at it by copying the class folder into the second teacher's Google Drive "Classroom" folder, but no joy.

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