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IT News Thread, Intel MinnowBoard in Other News; What do people make of these little boards? Still more than the Raspberry Pi even with the reduced pricing. Intel's ...
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    Intel MinnowBoard

    What do people make of these little boards? Still more than the Raspberry Pi even with the reduced pricing.

    Intel's DIY MinnowBoard goes Max: More oomph for half the price

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    I get the impression that Intel are trying to take a cut of the Pi/Arduino/Beagle market but have misjudged their audience. The thing that makes these boards great is that they're cheap, open and inherently "hackable"

    I think these Intel boards would make a great Media Center though - I don't care what anyone says, the XBMC experience on an R-Pi is painful, but that's not really what they were intended for.

    TL;DR: the Intel board could be a great choice for those people just looking for a relatively cheap, tiny form factor computer to use as a dedicated media centre but I don't see it as a viable alternative as an education tool due to it's price.

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    I struggle to see many applications. Even R-Pi is IMO too expensive and overpowered for most embedded applications. Perhaps it will displace MiniITX.

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