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IT News Thread, Microsoft unveils Office for iPad, free for reading and presenting in Other News; Originally Posted by InterwebsGuy It's been widely reported that Microsoft are still having to pay Apple the 30% cut on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by InterwebsGuy View Post
    It's been widely reported that Microsoft are still having to pay Apple the 30% cut on the Office Apps.
    Just quickly found one of the stories: Apple confirmed to take 30% cut of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions purchased in Office for iPad apps

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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomas08 View Post
    after having to use the links above to find the App it turns out "Your device isn't compatible with this version" ... Great a brand new Google Nexus 7
    That's because your Nexus 7 isn't a smartphone. Office for Android (and Windows 8.x) tablets hasn't been released yet.

    When Microsoft announced and released Office for iPad last week, it said that an Android tablet version would be following, but it didn't mention a full touch-focused version of the software for Windows. The company remedied that situation today at its Build developer conference, where it showed off a work-in-progress version of a touch-first Windows version of Office. We don't have a release date for these applications yet, but the apps shown appear to be reasonably far along.

    Based on what was shown, the touch-friendly Office for Windows appears to have a lot in common with Office for iPad. The ribbon interface is still present, but it's been reduced in size to take up less vertical screen space. Everything has been sized to be finger-friendly, and moving and resizing images or swiping between images in a PowerPoint deck is easy to do by just tapping and dragging. Microsoft has built the applications "from the ground up" on DirectX, and Microsoft is presumably coding these applications to run the same way in both Windows 8.1 or Windows RT. (Source)

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