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IT News Thread, Thousands Of Visitors To The NHS Choices Site Bombarded With Malware in Other News; ...
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    Thousands Of Visitors To The NHS Choices Site Bombarded With Malware

    Link: Thousands of visitors to the NHS Choices site bombarded with malware after a coding error let a Czech hacker in by the back door - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent

    Thousands of patients trying to access health advice on the NHS Choices website were bombarded with adverts and malware – potentially stealing personal information from their computers – due to a coding error yesterday...

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    A spokeswoman said a simple misplaced letter s in a domain name embedded in the code was responsible. A developer had typed googleaspis.com instead of googleapis.com.
    presumably that means some function of the site was broken, so that means nobody did any testing before it went live then? Absolute joke.

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