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IT News Thread, Apple's iPod: is the end nigh in Other News; Apple's iPod: is the end nigh BBC News - Apple's iPod: is the end nigh?...
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    Apple's iPod: is the end nigh

    Apple's iPod: is the end nigh

    BBC News - Apple's iPod: is the end nigh?

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    "The iPod touch today is a great way of appealing to younger consumers that are maybe too young to have an iPhone," suggests Mr Fogg.
    "It's getting them on board with Apple, getting them downloading apps from the App Store."
    Haha, Welcome to our eco-system young ones.... You'll never be able to leave!!

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    This is why I remove the SIM from my old phones and let my daughter play games on there. If she wants a game, she has to ask us to put the SIM in and we download it. Wifi chip has been removed from the phone to prevent accidental purchases or adds showing. Also it is droid so that is good for us, as we don't buy into the apple market any more (yes I had the original iPhone and iPod touch)

    It is the solution that works for us, and there have been no complaints from her or from us, as we keep it charged, use it for entertainment on long drives (along with a portable DVD player).

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