BBC - Newsbeat - Plastic surgery app game aimed at children taken down

First of all, I just want to point out that this:

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps)
is too hilarious to be an accident. Ok, silliness over.

I doubt there's anyone that would disagree that it's sickening that someone has made a game aimed at children that encourages you to "fix" an overweight girl through various types of surgery. It's disgusting that some idiot thought that was a good idea!

The thing that irritated me most, however (the fact there are idiots in the world came as no surprise), is that the BBC published this quote:

"That Apple or Google could condone this disgraceful app as a game suitable for children is no less than sickening."
without then following it up by pointing out that anybody can publish anything on Google Play store and Google take down anything they deem inappropriate as and when it is reported. Apple, on the other hand, vet every single app that makes it to the market. OK, Apple have taken it down now (although they seem to have left the almost identical "Plastic Surgery for Barbara" game intact) but that means that somebody from Apple consciously made the decision that not only was this app OK but that it was OK for children.

Why aren't they pointing out this massive difference in policy? Is it because they have their noses wedged firmly in Apple's rhetorical anus? Perhaps there's some form of plastic surgery that can fix that.