What will they think of next?

Source: Kaprica Security (via Neowin / MIT Technology Review)

Kaprica Security’s Android smartphone charger acts as an external malware charger when connected. The device which is dubbed "Skorpion", kicks into action the moment the phone is plugged in for charging - scanning for “malware, viruses and malicious rootkits.” The charger boasts cutting edge security and coloured LED lights which indicate positive and negative scan results.

Company CEO Doug Britton says the Skorpion charger scans OS data without having to rely on the phone’s memory, processor or system in order to detect vulnerabilities. Britton believes this method means the external presence from your smartphone can actually spot more unobtrusive malware that could potentially steal files or personal information such as bank and credit card numbers.

The Virginia based company hopes the device will fight the growing number of malicious apps. In August, Trend Micro reported up to 700,000 APK files are wreaking havoc on Android- up from 509,000 in the previous quarter. The report also claimed 99% of Android devices were subjected to these malicious files due to vulnerability in the master key. In hope of curbing this problem, Skorpion will go on sale later this year for $65 plus a $3-$4 monthly subscription fee, for features and alerts. Technology Review states the charger will be co-branded with Belkin, who are manufacturing the product.

During these preliminary stages, it is not clear which handsets will be compatible with the security charger. However, Britton hints it will be launched through a handset maker that already makes both Android and Windows phones.
... Kaprica plans to start selling the Skorpion charger late this year or early next year to enterprise customers for around $65, with a monthly subscription fee of $3 or $4 for features like updates and alerts. The charger will be co-branded with consumer electronics and accessory maker Belkin, which is manufacturing the device.