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IT News Thread, Microsoft To Acquire Nokia's Devices And Services Business,... in Other News; Originally Posted by zag Windows phone is a complete waste of space anyway. Interesting strategy to buy Nokia at a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zag View Post
    Windows phone is a complete waste of space anyway. Interesting strategy to buy Nokia at a cut down price

    I always wondered what the sales would have been like if the Lumia ran on Android!

    Good strategy by Microsoft though. Now they just need to write a Mobile OS that doesn't look like a children's toy
    I thought the same about Android, I have used a 710 Nokia several times here when phone has been playing up and wondered that about the device.

    I cant abide Windows Phone in its current format with the metro like interface, shame because Nokia are actually making some pretty decent looking devices now after a fair few anonymous years.

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    As long as my Lumina 920, which I like, keep's getting updates I'm happy. WP is the middle ground between Apple and android, I can't stand android as it takes days of fluffing and a dozen apps to get it to do simple stuff built in efficiently to other platforms, Facebook calendars for instance, automatic on WP and a pita on Android.

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    Most consumers will go and buy Apple or Android only the select few will go for WP only way for them to get back to where they once were would to be innovative, focus on smart watches or glass tech then maybe they could win back customers somehow i dont see them doing this

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    Love my WP, then again I have had WP and WM devices for years so kind of brought up and learnt them. If you are like me and live in a MS ecosystem then its perfect, it has my Xbox, Music, Email, Voice etc.. all integral

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    Now I'm not normally one for conspiracy theories, but...
    # Stephen Elop leaves the Microsoft Senior Leadership Team to become Nokia CEO
    # Stephen Elop almost immediately destroys Nokia & Symbian's market-leading share in smartphones, as well as a lot of profit and share value, with his "burning platform" memo. Share price drops from $9 at Elop's appointment down to a low of $1.63 in mid-2012.
    # Elop commits Nokia wholly to Windows Phone.
    # Three years later, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer announces his retirement with words that suggest he was rushed - "My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of our transformation to a devices and services company". Nokia's share price has since risen back up to ~$4.50. One suggestion for his replacement is Stephen Elop.
    # Within a week, Nokia's phone division has been bought and Elop returns to the fold as a Microsoft manager, ideally placed to jump into a position as CEO.

    It all seems to have worked out pretty well for a Microsoft wanting to model themselves on Apple and replace a CEO, doesn't it?

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