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IT News Thread, NCASE M1: A Crowd-Funded Mini-ITX Case in Other News; This has to be one of the best looking Mini-ITX cases I have ever seen. The fact that it was ...
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    NCASE M1: A Crowd-Funded Mini-ITX Case

    This has to be one of the best looking Mini-ITX cases I have ever seen. The fact that it was designed with input from members of the HardOCP forum is even more impressive.

    In order to put this case into production, the designers are currently looking for funding on IndieGogo (a Kickstarter-style crowd-funding website). More details below.

    Website / IndieGogo Project

    Who are NCASE?
    We're two Small Form Factor (SFF) PC enthusiasts from the [H]ardForum that connected while discussing our visions for the perfect SFF computer case.

    Why design the M1?
    We believe the potential of the Mini-ITX form factor has been stunted by the lack of high performance cases currently available for the platform. We also share a dissatisfaction towards the overuse of plastic, mediocre aesthetics, bloated case dimensions and lack of water-cooling support common to many Mini-ITX cases. So we did the logical thing...we designed the product we wanted to buy - the NCASE M1.

    Why should you care?
    By backing this project you can prove to companies that more involvement and coordination with the PC building community can result in innovative products where previously there had been stagnation.

    NCASE M1: A Powerful, Refined Mini-ITX Case
    The NCASE M1 is a new Mini-ITX case that raises the bar in performance, versatility, and design for SFF PC cases. With support for 12.5 GPUs, water or air cooling, and a variety of drive mounting options, the M1 offers unparalleled power and flexibility for its surprisingly small footprint, all wrapped in an elegant, minimalist aluminium exterior.

    We've spent months perfecting the design using feedback from [H]ardForum community and Lian Li's engineers. Our goal is to take this design to production, and we need your help.

    The next step before production is to test a prototype of the M1. The funding goal is the minimum we need to produce a prototype plus a small components budget to test fitment, thermals and noise.

    The more funding we're able to raise, the more hardware configurations we'll be able to test for, which leads to a better product. If we achieve our funding goal, don't let it stop you from backing us! Every little bit will help make the M1 better.
    • 160 x 328 x 240mm, 12.59L (250mm including the feet)
      • panels extend out 5-10mm from the back for easy removal - max: 338mm
      • compared to SilverStone SG05 at 10.78L, 16.79% bigger
      • logo will be a sticker included in the box - apply it anywhere you prefer
    • 105mm CPU cooler height
    • 3 x expansion slots:
      • 1 & 2 support 12.5" GPU cards
      • 3 supports 11" cards
    • 2 x 3.5" HDD mounts (up to 3 x 3.5")
    • 2 x 2.5" HDD mounts (up to 4 x 2.5")
    • 4 x 120mm fan mounts
    • 1 x 80/92mm fan mount
    • Single or dual 120mm radiator capable
    • SFX power supply
    • ATX power supply (up to 140mm, non-modular)
    • Slim optical disk drive
    • Package Dimensions Estimate: 228.6x304.8x406.4mm / 9x12x16"
    • Package Weight Estimate: 2.72kg / 6lbs

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    The NCase M1 (manufactured by Lian Li) is now available to pre-order.

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