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IT News Thread, Facebook wins legal battle to force Europeans to use real names online in Other News; It's for your own protection apparently. Source : The Verge A German court today ruled in Facebook's favour after a ...
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    Facebook wins legal battle to force Europeans to use real names online

    It's for your own protection apparently.

    Source: The Verge

    A German court today ruled in Facebook's favour after a data privacy watchdog tried to force the social network to drop its fake-name fight. The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner said in December that Facebook should start allowing fake names, calling its current policy "unacceptable." However, Facebook contested the watchdog's assertions, claiming that Germany's strict privacy laws were not applicable as its European offices are in Ireland, a country that the Associated Press says has "far less-reaching rules." Today's decision means that Facebook can continue to insist Europeans use their real names on the site.
    Facebook wins German court fight on fake names ban
    BERLIN (AP) — Facebook has won a court battle against a German privacy watchdog that challenged the social networking site's policy requiring users to register with their real names.

    Schleswig-Holstein state's data protection body said Friday it will appeal the court decision. It argues the ban on fake names breaches German privacy laws and European rules designed to protect free speech online.

    The administrative court in northern German Schleswig argued in its ruling Thursday that German privacy laws weren't applicable because Facebook has its European headquarters in Ireland — which has less far-reaching rules.

    The California-based company argues its real name policy protects users.

    Germany's strict privacy rules have posed a legal headache for Facebook, Google and others in recent years, giving consumers significant rights to limit the way companies use their information. (Source)
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