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IT News Thread, 125TB Backup tape anyone? in Other News; It appears IBM are to demo one soon: IBM prepares to demo 125TB MONSTER tape ? The Register One tape ...
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    125TB Backup tape anyone?

    It appears IBM are to demo one soon: IBM prepares to demo 125TB MONSTER tape ? The Register
    One tape should be more than enough for anyone I think. Mind you, you'll only be able to afford the one!

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    You've just made the fatal mistake of 'more than enough'... Give it a few years, and the world will consider them small.

    They have a point though! LTO-6 is basically the best on the market at the moment, and it can only handle about 6TB compressed. So bascially, in a normal useage scenario, a 4TB disk would just about fit on that tape.

    Imagine you're someone like Flickr - imagine how many tapes you need to do a backup! lol

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    or Google

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