Good news if you are an Everything Everywhere customer and have a compatible smartphone.

Everything Everywhere earns Ofcom approval for early LTE in UK, Vodafone left 'shocked'
UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has granted final approval for Everything Everywhere's proposed plan to roll out LTE service on its 1800MHz spectrum ahead of the proper UK 4G auction expected next year. The conglomerate, represented by the T-Mobile and Orange brands in the British market, was keen to seize the initiative by exploiting what resources it already had, which naturally incurred the wrath of direct competitors Vodafone, Three and O2 — none of whom was happy with the idea of losing the title of "first with LTE" before the requisite spectrum was even auctioned off.

With Ofcom's assent now in hand, Everything Everywhere can proceed with offering LTE connectivity as soon as September 11th, provided its network is in fact ready to handle the load. (Source)
Britain to get first 4G mobile internet within weeks
It will mean that for months Everything Everywhere’s network will be the only one to make the most of upcoming generation of smartphones and tablets, which, as well as 3G, will have 4G mobile internet capabilities as standard.

The operator will be allowed to effectively “flip a switch” from 11 September to create a network that will typically offer downloads 10 times faster than its 3G network.

Eventually, downloads at up to 300 megabits per second will be possible, three times faster than the current fastest fixed line broadband packages.

Everything Everywhere, Britain’s largest mobile operator with 27 million custmers, has a surplus of 2G spectrum because it was formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in 2010. It applied to Ofcom last autumn to reuse some of the spectrum, in the 1800MHz band, which is suited to 4G.

The firm is also expected to sell some of its 2G surplus to Three for hundreds of millions of pounds. (Source)
Starting from October, Orange and T-Mobile will be rebranded as Everything Everywhere.