Application Virtualisation 4.5 Remote Management

Since Microsoft disabled remote connections via App-V MMC with their 4.5 release I decided to create this tool to remotely manage App-V Clients. It is in essence just a GUI wrapper around sftmime and psexec, but it does make it far more manageable.


List global applications from all local App-V servers.
Selectively Load/Unload/Delete/Clear/Repair applications on remote computer.
Unload and Delete all applications on a remote computer.
Refresh publishing server on remote computer.

Listing applications connects to the App-V on the local machine, thusly it should have the same publishing servers configured (or at least the same applications) as the remote computer.


Version 1.0 (16/03/09)

Questions / Comments

I've decided to publicly release this tool that i've been using internally for a few weeks. Feel free to ask any questions or request any features/updates.