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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Office 2007 in Technical; How do you install it? What I'd like to do is install it alongside Office 2003. I know I can't ...
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    Office 2007

    How do you install it?

    What I'd like to do is install it alongside Office 2003. I know I can't have both versions of Outlook but I can live with that.

    I've tried creating a new GPO which will push out 2007 and it works except that whenever you run the "other" version of an app it goes through the whole initial setup process (ie run Word 2003, it does a first time run setup; run it again it's fine. run Word 2007, it does first time setup. run Word 2003 it does first time setup and so on for ever!)

    I've tried looking at the BDD 2007 stuff but life's too short to read all the docs - I just want a "click here to deploy" type thing :-) (and it really *!&"^" me off to have the "and now you pass it over to the deployment team" type thing when there's only 2 of us trying to sort out the whole thing!!

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    Re: Office 2007

    I've been deploying "Office Ready" Pc's with the OEM OPK for a few weeks now and must say it's a piece of cake. (not as easy as Server 2008 though).

    As far as corporate "Deployment" of Enterprise goes, the old school methods are out of the window it seems.
    Start the Office Customization Tool (OCT) type setup.exe /admin
    Create an msp file and deploy.

    You can use the the OEM style config.xml to deploy the enterprise as well.

    I've been playing with the simple setup.exe config.xml and have managed to get the OEM install down to a single click install so that method is worth looking at.

    Check out the useful tips on appdeploy.com

    I've been installing Office Suites since 95, never ever have I found the amount of time spent trying to get different versions of office to co-exist on the same system worth the effort and the on going support issues.
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    No one is going to thank you for it! Dump it and go 2007 end of chat.

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    Re: Office 2007

    tis a known problem with word, all the other programs should be fine.

    have a look at the msp style, however i'm not sure if it works with gpo, but i've been running it as a script using vnc and it works fine ( on logon screen with no one logged on! )

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