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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Tracking workstation uptime in Technical; I have a need to do some analysis on the usage of our workstations. At this stage, what I'm looking ...
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    Tracking workstation uptime

    I have a need to do some analysis on the usage of our workstations. At this stage, what I'm looking for is the ability to graph the uptime of all of our network clients over a month, to show when they were on and running, and when they were off. I don't need stats as to what they are being used for at this stage. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I might do this? Through AD perhaps? Thanks

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    Something like this plus a script to run through the event logs of each machine and copy them to a central database might work.
    Windows XP: is it possible to log startup and shutdown times in the system event log? - Super User

    How do I log startup and shut-down times in Windows 7? - Super User

    You could also just use this:

    as a machine script under GPO to log it all to a file.
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    I can suggest the program 10-Strike Network Monitor. We use it for hosts monitoring and detecting failuries.
    this is what they say:
    The program stores results of all the monitoring checks being run, gathers statistics, and displays the response time diagrams in the real time for any host you select in the list. You can watch the history
    is it what you need? did I understand you correctly?

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