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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Quota on mapped drive? in Technical; We have a 2003 server domain and XP Pro clients. We use roaming profiles and redirect the student’s home folder ...
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    Quota on mapped drive?

    We have a 2003 server domain and XP Pro clients.
    We use roaming profiles and redirect the student’s home folder to
    H: \\servername1\students$\username
    The staff are also redirected to
    H: \\servername1\staff$\username
    How can I limit the size of the students home area? I can I place a limit H:\ drive?
    I have tried to enforce disk quotas on the server to limit students but it will not work for some reason. For one student the quota reports the user has 1.5gb but when I check the actual folder the user has 3.5gb. I did set the enforce limit to above 4gb, hoping to slowly bring it down but to no avail.

    Hope this makes sense. Any help would be great

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    Re: Quota on mapped drive?

    The limit is set on the server.

    Go to the Server that has the home drives you want to limit.
    Open My Computer.
    Right click on the drive that holds the User Areas you want to limit
    Go to Properties
    Click the Quote Tab.

    That's where you specify them.

    Windows uses the Owner of a file to ascertain whose quota allocation it should come from.
    This quota applies to all folders on the drive, so if say the Public Area is on there too, if a user has a limit of 100Mb and is using 75Mb in their Home folder, if they try put more than 25Mb on Public it won't fit.

    These things can be overcome if you're using Server 2003 R2 edition and install the File Server Resource Manager as this is more granular.
    I've not used this yet though, not had the need.

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    Re: Quota on mapped drive?

    Like MrForgetful says, file ownership seems to be the root cause of your quotas being reported incorrectly, i have a vbscript that will reset all ownership on all files and folders in all users area en masse.

    If you've got a lot of users it's the easiest way to do it and i'll share it if you like. Also, as you have pupils and staff on the same drive you may want my enforce quotas by group script.

    Let me know if you want to have a look at them.


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