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Network and Classroom Management Thread, RM CC3: Scheduled power ups/Restarts & Patches in Technical; Bit of a weird problem with the way PC's turn on after being scheduled to do so via the RMMC. ...
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    RM CC3: Scheduled power ups/Restarts & Patches

    Bit of a weird problem with the way PC's turn on after being scheduled to do so via the RMMC. They all seem to come on just fine but after reaching the CC3 log on screen, every single PC restarts once. If we apply any sort of updates it even interrupts those and restarts the PC's, meaning the updates can't be installed.

    Is there a way to force each PC to just turn on and stay on without the single restart each time? During school holidays large parts of the school are locked and its a pain for the caretakers having to open every single IT classroom when we should be able to do it with the scheduled power ups. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Always did this for us to, never found a way to fix it, starting waking computers up through a script instead

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    Presumably you're using LST to start the machines up in which case I'm not surprised this is happening as the only way to wake them up is to use the restart option :-)

    What's probably happening is that the restart job is working and turning the machines on but lingering around long enough that it's then being picked up again by the stations as they connect back to the server.

    As knelmes said, I'd look at a different solution for starting the machines.

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