We are using Symantec Altiris management console on our network since moving into the new school and have been very happy with how it works - up to a point. I also use Impero and ran their Usage report to check on savings we could achieve, it was quite an eye opener, and reckoned we could save £1.5K for that particular month. We use Altiris to shutdown the computers but, because of some resistance, have had to set them quite late as we cannot find any way to allow the user to cancel it if they are in the middle of something - it just boots them off!! I cannot believe this is not possible with Altiris but, as we have had no training with the product, we are scratching our heads to find if this is the case. If this option were available we could schedule the shutdowns earlier and the users could then cancel if necessary, so is there anyone out there who has used this application and can help - we are using the up to date version 7.1 afaik?